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Mere Phantoms - Famine For A Slow Death CS


Limited cassette version of the LP on Anthems of The Undesirable.

Limited to 50 copies on Down For Anything Records. Pro-dubbed cassettes with imprint, black and white J-cards, with download card included.

Seven tracks of grinding metallic punk analyzing want, desperation, and blight in the face of hoarded and exploited abundance. “Music for the pillars and workers of the gears.”
Mere Phantoms play hardcore with politically and socially conscious lyrics, and on "Famine For a Slow Death" are conceptually in line with the best elements of 90's hardcore, but through a sonic filter more akin to Orchid, Catharsis, or Thou. Featuring Aaron Vilk (Nyodene D) and other secret commies from the Rustbelt.
- Anthems of The Undesirable